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The authorization is simple, you go to your account page and there you can generate an API Key. This API Key gives access to your account, so watch out with whom you share it! Once you have created an API Key, you can proceed to the functions that the API offers. The functions that are offered can be viewed below. Each of these functions can be invoked by providing the correct parameters with a GET request. The server will always give status code 200, only the body of the response will differ.

NOTE: The first version of this API has just been released. If you have suggestions, contact the support and we'll settle it for you!

MakeOrder - GET
CancelOrder - GET
SkipNumber - GET
GetBalance - GET
Endpoint: https://juicysms.com/api/getbalance?key=APIKEY Method: GET

With this method you can get your current balance in USD.

Parameter Description
key Your API Key. (Required)
Possible Responses:
{YOUR_BALANCE} - Your current balance in USD
Reuse Number - GET