All your questions answered in one page.

Some of your Questions

The most common questions are here prepared for you. This document has been made so people do not ask the same questions over and over. In case your question is not listened below, please contact us so we can help you.

Do you only have USA (+1), Dutch/Netherlands (+31) & United Kingdom (+44) numbers?

Because our numbers are real numbers we are currently only able to get +1, +44 and +31 numbers. We do not exclude the possibility that other countries will be added in the future but it is not our main priority right now.

Can I re-use a number?

Since version 2.0 it is possible to re-use numbers for the same service as you ordered before. This will make a new order, with the same number and service as previous time. The good thing is: the SMS will cost half of the original price! Just make and complete an order and you will have the option to re-use the number!

Please note: re-using numbers is for short term. When the number refreshes, you will lose the possibility to re-use this number!

The order says 'Expired' and no SMS came in?

Unfortunate that our system was not able to catch your SMS. But you did not get charged for it! We will only charge you if we actually deliver the SMS. So please just re-make an order.

What payment methods are supported?

At this moment we support Credit Card, Bitcoin, Etherum, Litecoin, Monero, Apple Pay, iDeal & AliPay. We are looking to serve everyone, so in case we do not support a payment method you would like to see. Feel free to contact us and leave your suggestion so we can do our best to add your desired payment method!

The service I am willing to purchase says 'Unavailable'?

Our system is designed so you will always get a 100% clean number. A user can 'claim' the number for the specified number by completing an order with it. In case all numbers has been 'claimed' for a specific service, that service will become unavailable. In case you want to do a SMS and it says 'Unavailable' kindly contact our support so we can replace the numbers.

Are your numbers real (Non-VoIP) numbers?

Yes! All of our numbers are real mobile numbers!